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Hard working?

The Empire wants you!

Easily replaceable?


So how do you join the Legion?

You decided to leave everything, put on your armor, take the E-11 and start bombing the rebels. Nice! But that's not really how this works.

In order to join the 501 Legion, you must meet the following criteria:

- At least 18 years old

- Screen-accurate Star Wars costume

- A strong desire to help charities

- Burning love for Star Wars

- Enjoy putting smiles on children's faces

Ready to join? Excellent!

Leave your details in the form below and we will get back to you soon!

Image by Stone Hood

Which costumes can I build?

Nice! You're already one step forward. The Legion has a giant costume library where you can find (almost) every character that appeared in the saga. Remember - we're the bad guys!

We gathered some of the more popular costumes for you:


Untitled design-4_edited.png

Imperial Staff Officer

Untitled design-5_edited.png


Untitled design-6_edited.png
Science Fiction

Isn't this a little complicated?

Not at all!

Like any new thing, the entry process to the Legion can be a little long and intimidating, which is why it's important to use the resources that are here for you during the entire process!

The members of the Israel Outpost are here to assist any newcomer with all the stages! From the idea, to the planing, ordering the parts, assembly & final approval process.

Over 15,000 have already done this, so you can for sure.

In order to contact the members of the Israel Outpost please leave your details below or contact us through Social Media. New members who are interested in joining will be added to several groups and given a direct line of contact to the rest of the organization members!


Important Terms

Here are some terms that you might encounter during your entry process.


The different "guilds" in the legion. Every detachment is somewhat of a category that's in charge of several costumes, with it's own forum for discussing and getting help on topics regarding the costume you're building. The detachments are purely virtual and hold no physical activities.


The Legion is an international organization that's split into different units across the world. Usually every country would have one unit, although some big counties might have more than one. A unit with more than 3 members is an Outpost, while a unit with more than 25 members is considered a Garrison.

CRL (Costume Reference Library)

The Legion's costume library, where you can find all the approved-for-use costumes and how to assemble them.


Not every part that you purchase is approved for use by the 501st, which is why it's important to check that it's up to standards.


Every new member in the legion gets an identifying number that stays with them forever (TKID). No two TKIDs are the same, and you even get to choose your number!


Want to hear more? Contact us!

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